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A Human vs Computer XiangQi (Chinese Chess)  program that run on Palm device


PalmXQ is a human vs computer XiangQi (Chinese Chess) program that run on Palm device. The below are the features of PalmXQ:



PalmXQ is distributed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE


Hardware Requirement

Unknown. This is because i had only tested this program under IBM workpad emulator with the following configuration

ROM file : palmos3.5 ROM image file

Device : PalmVx

Skin : Generic

RAM size : 8192k bytes


Operating System Requirement

Palm OS 3.0 or above


Development tools

I developed this software under Windows98 with development tools

cygwin-b20.1-full - provides Unix liked environment under WIN32

pilrc_w32 - resource script compiler

prc-tools-2.0 - contains GNU c compiler and linker for m68k processor

sdk35-prc - Palm OS software development kit

PilrcEdit - resource script editor

p/s all the above development tools can be obtained from IBM developer web site.


Screen Shoot

  Setup Board About menu 



The PalmXQ engine is weak?

Try to adjust the max time per move to higher value.



The below are the contributors during my development work. I would like to express my thankfulness to

Mr. Wong Chee Onn - who provided me the IBM workpad and guideline during my development work.

Ms.Tan Mei Kee - who provided all the necessary PC equipments.

Mr. Pham Hong Nguyen - who created all the graphics files for me.

Keith Evans - who did the beta testing on his real Palm device.

Simon Henke - who did the beta testing on his real Palm device.





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